Sharing Calls

CPAmerica offers quarterly technology, practice management, human resources, marketing, and tax sharing calls, allowing members to share their expertise and improve through sharing.  Please note that CPE is not offered for sharing calls. 
Begin DateTitleCityState
10/23/2019Communicating Effectively Across Generations (NPG)ONLINE 2PM ET SC102319
10/24/2019A&A Sharing Call: MindBridgeONLINE AA102419
10/24/2019Quarterly Technology Sharing Call - October 24, 2019ONLINE 4PM ET 19QTC4
11/5/2019RISE Sharing Call - November 2019ONLINE 3:30 PM ET RISESC1119
11/19/2019CPAConnect Benefits and Resources ReviewONLINE 3:30PM ET CPACREVQ4
11/20/2019Qualities that Make the Most Effective Leader (Next Gen)ONLINE 2PM ET SC112019
11/21/2019Executive Technology Sharing Call - November 21, 2019ONLINE 4PM ET 19ETC2
12/10/2019December CPAI Member Resource OverviewONLINE, 3PM ETFLCPAI121019
2/11/2020CPAI Member Resource Overview Q1 2020ONLINE, 3PM ETFLCPAIREVQ1
5/12/2020CPAmerica Member Resource Overview Q2 2020ONLINE, 3PM ETFLCPAIREVQ2
8/18/2020CPAmerica Member Resource Overview Q3 2020ONLINE, 3PM ETFLCPAIREVQ3
11/17/2020CPAmerica Member Resource Overview Q4 2020ONLINE, 3PM ETFLCPAIREVQ4